Owning a Holiday Van


SeaChange Parks Conjola has annual sites left!

Come and enjoy beautiful Lake Conjola for your family holidays.

See below for more information or email us on conjola@seachangeparks.com.au


Owning a holiday van comes with some responsibilities.

A full list of responsibilities are set out in the agreement and park rules you signed when you purchased your van.
A brief description of these conditions are:
  • For current site fees please contact our office
  • All fees and charges must be paid on time
  • Park Rules must be abide by at all times
  • You are only entitled to 180 nights, 30 consecutive nights at any given time per year – no exception
  • Additional guests are $12.00 per adult & $6.00 per child per night
  • No alterations to your dwelling are to be made without prior written approval from park management
  • Your site must be kept clean, tidy & maintained at all times
  • 24 hours notice must be given to staff prior to any visitors requiring your keys
  • Your boom gate code allows access to one vehicle only & you must not under any circumstances use another persons access code
  • Acceptable behaviour at all given times
  • Management reserves the right to refuse entry to a holiday van owner should any terms and conditions set out online or in the agreement not be met
  • All guests must sign in at the office upon arrival